Cyber Angels

Cypher waited for the Data that was streaming through the ether with revered anticipation. He longed for his mate as the time of her arrival drew near. Not only did he love Codex, she was an integral part of his existence. They were polar opposites, yet drawn together by reality and purpose. They existed for each other in Cyberspace like night and day; one needing the other to subsist.

He watched the Data closely so as not to miss his beloved as she traveled along the Stream. He thought of her often and knew that the User would connect them soon enough. Suddenly he felt her presence in the Stream of Data and he knew the time was right for his decent into the Stream. He fell, his circuited wings and cabled body swooping down like a hawk going in for the kill.

Entering the Stream was easy, one only had to touch the Data to be engulfed in it's design and flow. His heart felt Codex behind him and he turned and saw the white feathered wings of his angel fast approaching. He slowed himself in the Stream by extending his wings briefly, allowing Codex to catch up to him. He flipped over, in practiced fashion, and was beside his lover; his heart aflame with hope and love.

“Cypher, my love. Are you ready?” She said as she gently caressed his circuited wing, it's familiar feel offering solace to her being and an overwhelming feeling of belonging. She smiled.

“Of course. I am here for you lover.” He relished in her touch and his love grew to boundless potential. He felt as if he were home.

The circuitry of the Servers they passed through blurred as they traveled at light speed through the Fiber that contained the Stream. Routers, Switches and Hubs became distant memories as they headed towards their purpose. Greens and blues surrounded them as they progressed toward their true goal. They had made this pilgrimage countless times, always together and always in truth. 

Both Cyber Angels felt the Stream change instantly and knew the Data was almost at it's destination. The time was almost at hand for their true purpose; the reason they existed together. Ahead of them was nothing but light and hope. They rode the Stream, confident that they would once again prevail in their endeavor.

When they arrived at their destination, something was amiss. Chaos reigned in this place, like a war zone. This Domain was under attack. Stepping out of the Stream Cypher and Codex scanned the area, assimilating the Processes that were surrounding them in this place. All manner of trickery and powerful Utility tools permeated the Data, searching the stream for something.

Rouge Programs sped by them in all directions in their inquiry, checking every subtle nuance in the Infrastructure. Probes lamented over binary subsystems, imaging them for some purpose.

“Denial of Service attack, lover.” Cypher said as he watched the bedlam. He stood with his chest out, confident in all areas, especially love. He saw the precise location of their task; a small Node within the circuitry of the Server. “There,” he pointed, allowing his lover to pinpoint the target before lowering his muscular cabled arm.

“Got it Cypher, good eye my sweet.” She knelt down on one knee and put her hand to the Conduit beneath them. Glowing, her hand absorbed Data from the intricate circuits. Her eyes widened as she realized the direness of their situation. “Shit! Duck Cy...”

Cypher fell off the precipice as a Utility Bot rammed him, obviously unaware of him or his position. He tried to hold on but was taken by such surprise that he faltered and careened over the edge.  Spinning wildly he tried to spread his wings but that only made it worse, he spun over all axises and plummeted toward the Stream.

Codex leaped for her lover but fell short just inches from his coaxial fingers. “No!” she cried, jumping after him without thought or regard for herself. She made her body as streamlined as possible and gained on her lover with increasing speed. She felt her heart crushing as she realized that she would be too late. Adeptly she slowed her decent as she watched in horror as her True Love crashed into the ground, a sickening thud of the ultimate system crash. Her heart, beating wildly in her chest, sank to a low she never knew existed as she hit the ground by his side.

“Lover?” she said into his ear, softly whispering and kneeling down to comfort him. She willed his eyes to open slightly and she kissed his forehead gently; her hand cradling his broken head. “You have to fight Darling.”

Cypher was aware of his failure, but the sadness he felt was not related to his task; it was the overwhelming feeling that he would lose his mate, the other half that made him whole. He gazed through dimming eyes at the angel that caressed his ailing body as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“No lover! Not yet. You have a task to complete first.” Codex licked his cheek, tasting his tear and the  virtual memories that accompanied it. She was instantly aware of how powerful his love for her was and she was awash in comfort as she realized, for the first time, how perfect he was and that his love rivaled hers.

His eyes closed again and he started feeling more limp in her arms. Her heart raced even faster at the thought of actually losing him. She pounded his chest with her other hand, “Fucking fight dammit! You can't leave me my love!” she started crying. She slammed her fist to the ground, breaking chunks of circuitry in the process. A strange glow formed around her fist and she concentrated on nothing other than Cypher, her mate and her only reason for existing. The glow began to rise up her arm, filling her will a strange feeling of hope. It moved across her shoulders and down the arm that held Cypher's head until it met his mangled body and dissipated. Hope faded from Codex's mind at the thought that the use of the last of her power had failed her. 

She laid his head carefully down on the ground and knelt over him, her tears dripping off of her cheek and onto his chest. Cypher's body jolted at their first kiss on his skin, absorbing into him like a drop of water in an arid desert. Tear after tear fell onto him and more and more his body shuddered. Codex opened her eyes and saw his eyelids flutter in rapid fashion, his body convulsing.

“Lover..?” She painstakingly resisted the urge to touch him, to feel him under her touch. She longed, now more than ever, to feel at home and at peace.

Cypher stopped moving and sat up, eyes opening slowly. He got to his knees and hung his head low. Weakness and disappointment were subtle sentiments compared to the love he know knew his mate felt for him. Boundless and pure, the bond he knew they shared lifted him up to an elevation he couldn't have ever imagined. 

“Cypher?” Codex could fight it no longer and she put her hands on his cheeks and kissed him softly on his lips. She knew these lips belonged to her and would forever.

“Codex... My love.” A brief whisper escaped his lips as his strength came back to him like a flood of power. “You... saved me...” He stood up and his voice was visibly stronger in it's inflection. “I believe we have a task to accomplish?”

“Yes my sweet, are you ready?” Codex ran her hands from his face, down over his chest. She felt his heartbeat grow stronger with ever beat and she knew he was whole again. Happiness and hope flooded back to her like an old friend, comforting her.

“Let's do this!” Cypher took hold of her hand and beat his wings with such power, a power he never had before, lifting them both up and they soared to the Node that await their combined skill set.

The Rouge Programs and Utilities scanned various corners of the Domain in their search for their target. This was a calculated and planned attack, everything had a unique purpose and was fulfilling it with every nanosecond.

Cypher and Codex landed on the node they were sent to unlock. Codex found the Data Lock and placed her hand on it, feeling it's intricacies and it's purpose. “This one may be difficult, lover.”

Cypher laughed and put his hand on his mates bare chest and closed his eyes in concentration. He felt the lock through her and started the process of unlocking it. He assumed entropy first, letting his will find the random combination of characters needed to open this digital latch. Whatever was inside, the User must need it very badly. 

Sensing that entropy would fail, he deemed that an alternate approach would be necessary. He lowered his hand slightly, feeling the suppleness of Codex's breast beneath his touch. He twisted his hand, brushing over her nipple, feeling his way through her and into the digital mechanism. Suddenly, as if a great truth was revealed to him, he found the combination and willed the lock to open.

Sensing his victory, she opened the portal to the Data locked inside and she assimilated it into her being. Just then, the two of them were pulled back and down, into the Stream and towards the final step of their task. Traveling fast, they held each other close, each feeling each others skin on theirs and relishing in the beauty that they felt for each other. Two halves as one. Complete. Content.

Arriving at the remote Terminal of the User, they found the portal by which the Data could be transferred. They walked up to it and touched the receptacle, allowing the Data to be taken and sent to the User.

They fell to the floor, their task complete, holding each other. Codex put her head on her lovers chest as she ran her fingers lightly over his rippled stomach. Cypher lifted his head up and kissed her on her white-haired head.

They both felt as if they were home.