(Eurogamer): Unreal Engine 4 tech demo looks unnervingly realistic

This is one of the more amazing renderings I have seen with the much talked-about Unreal 4 Engine. What are the PC specs for this engine to run smoothly? What Video Card do I need?

By Jeffrey Matulef Published 27/01/2015

When Epic unveiled Unreal Engine 4 in early 2013 it wanted to show off all the tech's bells and whistles. Its "Infiltrator" demo had whirling ships, flying sparks, complex light sources and plenty of explosions. It looked cool, to be frank. But it also looked like a video game. Set in a grim world of warring space marines, it didn't exactly equate to the type of thing we'd ever see in our ordinary lives. Yet one man, level designer and 3D artist Benoît Dereau, whoworked on Dishonored, has single-handedly created one of the most shockingly realistic pieces of scenery ever modeled in 3D.

While only a tech demo, his new "Unreal Paris" video takes us through an elegant flat that leaves the uncanny valley coughing in its dust. This real-time presentation of static scenery may not be a game on its own, but it certainly suggests how incredible a big budget version of Gone Home could look on this tech.

Dereau has worked on similar projects with other engines. Back in November he released a video showing off a posh apartment he made in Unity 4.6. That doesn't look quite as impressive as this latest feat, however. Now can we please have more games set in swish Parisan apartments please?