Good Luck; You're Gonna Need It...

I just wanted to wish the Scot's good luck today on voting on the referendum for Independence. Either way you vote, Scotland, I hope that the world accepts it and moves on.

I have been following Google News Real-time Coverage (Not sure if this link with work for everyone or not) and for now it seems very close although at the moment, according to the latest polls, the No's have a slight edge.

I think that it will be the winner of the Media Campaign for either side that will actually sway more people to one side over the other. In other words, the vote will go the way that the winner of the media/propaganda blitz campaign that is in full swing today; whoever wins the media campaign, wins the vote.

I know that there Pro's and Con's to both remaining in the UK and to being a free state to master your own destiny. I think that one thing that may be on the minds of voters is the fact that if Scotland secedes from the United Kingdom  they will no longer be a part of NATO as they were in with Great Britain; they would have to apply as their own country. What about the UN, would they have to reapply for that as well or are they in just because they are a European Country that uses the Euro? We will see....

UPDATE 9/18/14 @ 9:43am PST: Scottish independence: Final poll before the results come in puts No campaign ahead of Yes by six points

UPDATE 9/18/14 @ 11:03am PST: Per a 60+ year-old Scottish couple living in Orlando who would vote "No.": "Their reason: Pensions and the devaluing of the currency if Scotland joined the EU. I've also heard concerns about national defense and lack of trust in 'yes' party leader, Salmond."

 UPDATE 9/18/14 @ 2:33pm PST: Polls close in Scotland. Sleepness night as ballots in Scottish independence vote are counted

Good luck!!!

What do you think?