What Technologies Need To Be Invented Now...?

I was reading a very interesting article over at io9.com that posed the question in this posts Title Field...

Many people had suggestions like Immortality, better phones, smaller devices, etc...

There were also several for the Star Trek-like Transporter and Replicator. Just to brush up on our verbiage, the Transporter was used to de-materialize a person ion one location and electronically send that data to another location where that person is re-materialized as themselves and proceed on with their mission (unless you wore a red shirt [Security] then you were almost certainly going to die on an away mission). The Replicator is how Starfleet Personnel aboard a star ship eat and drink. The Replicator can make anything you like on command; Captain Picard would always order "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!" and a tea cup, steaming with heat and flavor, slowly appears on the Replicator shelf.

Well, most will be happy to know that as far as the last two go, Transporter and Replicator, scientists have already made great strides in these areas.

Replicator - Today we know it as a 3D Printer. Yes, that's right, the 3D Printer is the first iteration of the Replicator. In fact, some folks are already printing food. A few companies make 3D Printing Food-based material so that everything you print is edible. We aren't there completely yet, but progress has to start somewhere and with the soaring popularity of 3D Printing, I don't see it lessening any time in the near future.

Transporter - A couple of years ago a team of scientists in Europe (France and Italy) successfully teleported several photons (the particle that makes up light) several miles. Now I know that the photon has negligible mass but it is a start and you have to start somewhere in order to make progress...progressive...

 So you see we live in a pretty amazing time. We can cure Ebola, we can cure some cancers, we have a super-computer (by a only a decade ago's standard) in our pockets, Information is free and available on the internet, and many other wonderful technologies and ideas. 

What would you like to see invented today and would make life easier or more fulfilling?