Rant for August 26th, 2014

There is so much going on always, most of it I have an opinion on [as most people do]. The trick is to find a topic that others "may" find interesting or at worst, amusing.

Chances are I have already posted the "News You Need To Know, Today" items today but gave no social commentary or opinion on them. Now's my chance to share what I think about what I posted as a journalist [ I do try to remain as objective as possible and share only the facts. This post is specifically for any thoughts, theories, social commentary, opinion, reasoning and thinking out loud.]

(Disclaimer: These opinions and views are my own and are not owned by any other agency or corporation. No one pays me for my viewpoint and I will only ever advertise like-minded products or services on this website but those products or companies will not pay me to post their opinion as mine - Integrity)


"News You Need To Know, Todaysection posted. [8/26/14 @ 9am]

I don't think I want to get into Politics today so I am going to pass on the Truce between Israel and HAMAS; I could take up a whole post just on that one topic alone. 

I think that today I'll chat about the Amazon acquisition of Twitch.tv (Streaming Video Gamer's Website) for just south of 1BN (One Billion Dollars!!!); much like the purchase of Waze by Google. In fact I had originally heard, a couple weeks ago, that Google was going to purchase Twitch.tv so imagine my surprise to wake up to news that Amazon had purchased it.

My son watches a lot of Minecraft videos on Twitch.tv so I am a little familiar with it from that standpoint. Sure I can sit here and preach that a billion dollars is way too much for a Gamer's YouTube, but I won't because today is your lucky day! ;-)

Today I can't stop focusing on how stoked the owner/founder/creator of Twitch.tv is; never have to worry about money ever again... That would be nice. How nice would it be to start a website, much like this one, but focusing on games and mods and hosting user-submitted and studio-produced titles related to the industry you love the most then have someone like Amazon offer you 970 million dollars because Minecraft took off and your site became super popular? Very cool!

I have dreamed of making an app that no one can live without that would make me rich but the likely-hood of that happening is slim to none since I have a lot of really good ideas, I don't have the time to devote to designing and coding it. I put this on my "One Day" list; One day I will get to it.

Okay, so not much of a rant but good for me nonetheless since it got me to write.

What do you think?