Life in the Desert... (Rant - Part I)

So it's no surprise that I do not like the desert. While my mom can find beauty in most places; I find that I cannot find the beauty out here. Don't get me wrong, I love our neighborhood and all of the mature trees which mask the sight of the desert proper; which is probably why I like it.

I think that it is humorous that people often complain to me that there is hardly any rain; Now I am not meaning to go on a rant here but it's called the desert for a reason! Not to mention that fact the state of California is in a serious drought and have been for many years and the state is expected to institute mandatory water rationing this year. I mean, C'mon! It's the effing desert for Pete's Sake; of course there's little or no rain, that's why it's called a desert!!!

Now I know what you're saying, "You moved out there of your own free will." To that I would say that you're right! I did move out here from Austin, TX to be with the woman that I love whole-heartedly. I vent and rant but I try... "Try"... not to complain too much; I don't want to be seen as the "complainer."

I don't regret moving out here and yes there are things to do. I do find, however, that when my wife and I want to go out and do something it usually involves going to Ventura, CA or "Down Below"; what folks in the AV (Antelope Valley) call anything South of us (This would be like Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, The OC, etc...)

I am done with the Joshua Trees and cactus and open lots, sometimes whole blocks, that are nothing but desert where housing builders decided that they would stop there and not build anymore... It can be a rather sad visual commentary about the boom that was the AV in the 80's and 90's to today where there are void spots where the desert would not let man mold it to their will.

Inside my castle is a different story. I have all of the things that I consider to be luxuries: Laptop, Chromebook, several PC's (Windows and Linux), Geeky collectibles (Comics, Graphic Novels, action figures), Books, My Wife and kids, Dish w/ the Hopper, etc... I thoroughly enjoy staying at home; I do it very well. :-)

My Wife is more of the let's go out and do something kind of person. Actually that is one of the reasons I married her. I like going out on occasion... Occasionally. :-p Sometimes it's even my idea to spend the day Down Below or at the beach.

The fact is that one day, after the girls go off to college, we will move out of the desert. My hope is Ventura or even back to Eureka or Arcata; assuming of course I own my own business that can move or I can work remotely. I have friends is Ventura and actually have spent a great deal of time there in my early 20's. My wife and I go out there every change we get, even if it's just to lounge on the beach and not spend any money; other times it's the Full Monty: Breakfast @ Pete's Breakfast House (Diners, Drive-ins & Dives), Ventura Farmers Market, hang out on the beach until finally Dinner @ Dargan's Irish Pub and the 1.5 hour drive home. As you can see, we need to live there so we are closer to the things that are important to us.

I will survive in the desert as long as I have access to my son's (Atom and Finnegan) and my wife, Heather. It would be nice to also have access to my guitars, pedals and amp, any one of our vast amount of working computers, tablets and phones and it would be nice to have access to the TV (Dish w/ Hopper, Roku & Chromecast, Wii & PS2). :-)

I see this post as more of a first in a long line of reporting on my life in the desert; I hope you enjoy my rants and insights (as jaded as they all might be).

What do you think?