Busy, busy busy!

Tempus Fugit (Latin for "Time Flies") - Also one of the next tattoos I'm getting on my right arm (Left arm is all math, science and kids names or icons, right arm is all Latin). 

I can't believe how fast life is going. Finnegan is already 9 months old and in 2T clothes (Yikes!) and my other son, Atom, is almost 13 years old... Almost a teenager (Yikes x2!) Work days go fast and are busy and home life is much the same.

My plan was to use this site as an excuse to write more but as you can see, life happens and takes priority over everything else. I still have high hopes for this site as an outlet for me to keep writing and sharing tidbits of news and, of course, the occasional rant or four.

More later, duty calls.