Current Update and Thoughts...

I just wanted to post a quick blurb up to the blog-o-sphere letting everyone know all is well.

We just had a baby, Finnegan Carter Daly, who is doing very well. He is one month old as of last Friday. We also just got a new dog; Babe the Neapolitan Mastiff who is about one year old. He is a good boy and a fast learner.

Long nights with Finn and long walks with the big dog and then, of course, work, have kept me busy.

I have been following the crazy news about Syria and the international outrage/support (depending on which country you live in) about Obama’s short term military strike plan. Also, the DC Naval Shipyard shootings and other happenings in the world.

I wonder when the country changed and stopped standing behind the President? I remember when I was just a boy and the President would come on TV or would put forth a plan of action for military action and the country would watch him and stand behind him. My grandparents would never miss a State of the Union address. I may have seen two since I became an adult; not because I am unpatriotic, but because I am busy.

Now it seems that everyone has a different view that the President and also has something to say about it. I suppose that in the Internet Age everyone has gotten more vocal but that shouldn’t deter them from standing behind the currently elected President of the most powerful country in the world. I would rather live here than anywhere else (Brittan in on the short list of other places I would live / Ireland/Scotland.)

It just seems everyone is suspect to everyone else. No one trusts anyone to make a good decision based on their judgement. Everyone can obviously make a better decision that our elected officials and take to YouTube and other venues to voice their opinions about it. To be honest, I have no issue with anyone exercising their right to free speech. Go for it!!

I believe in thinking for yourself. It is just sad that the vastly patriotic populace of America in the mid seventies either doesn’t exist any more or have become so jaded that they question everything.