Tempus Fugit

Tempus Fugit, Time Flies in latin, truly gets more appropriate the older I get. Time does fly by quickly. I assume it has to do with the busyness of our lives with 3 step-kids and my son whom I see every other weekend and a month in the summer. But with Finnegan due in early August it dawns on me how quickly time does get away from you.

I thought I was crazy having another baby at forty-two. When Finnegan is twenty I will be in my early sixties. For my first son, Atom, I was thirty. Now Atom is almost twelve and only if I think about it long enough does it not seem like only a few years, 

I think that it is true when they say 'kids keep you young.'  I seem to have a little more spring in my step and find that I am looking forward to the sleepless nights and crying. My wife, Heather, and I built two dressers and a crib over the holiday. Sure it was hot upstairs and it was monotonous work, but once we saw the crib and dressers topped with bumper guards and changing pads, respectively, it was worth the effort.

Much like raising a child is worth the effort. We try teach them to be good people and honest while fostering in them what we as parents feel they will need to survive in a world outside of the safety of home. We want nothing more for them than their complete happiness in life while knowing that loss and sadness are a part of that life that will also need to be experienced. We hope that it won't be too terrible for them of course.

Parents always have big plans for their children.  Whether it is to be just like a parent or that they will play a sport or an instrument. I personally don't feel that way. I think that a child should be involved in some extracurricular activities like a sport and / or an instrument but I would never force anything on them that they didn't have some interest in. It is possible to lead them to a more enriched life while still giving them choices and the option and ability to choose for themselves what they will invest their interest and time into. I think kids are usually stronger than we give them credit for and I like to let them make some mistakes here and there as we can't shelter them forever.

Well, as the title suggests, Time Flies. Time to move on to other things in my Friday and head back home (Friday's usually bring me into the Inland Empire for work) to sort out a weekend of yard work and hopefully some movies and games and good food and beer too!

Have a great weekend!