I Love Google!

After the Google news conference today, also called “Breakfast with Sundar [Pichai]”, I have been reeling about [[Chromecast]]; the new Google HDMI dongle to send video, audio or even one of your Chrome tabs to your TV. Remember Google TV and the Nexus Q? This IS the next iteration of this.

The best thing, well... One of the best things, is the cost: $35.

I bought two of them, one for each TV in my house.

From the demo you can put Google Play TV and Movies, Netflix and Chrome tabs up on your big screen right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This has amazing implications for the future of media.

First, there were a couple other announcements from the news conference; Android 4.3 (Jellybean) and the new Nexus 7 tablet. 4.3 gives is profiles that can be locked down, like for kids, to prevent unauthorized purchasing as well as access times and parental web and game filters. The Nexus 7 gives us both front and rear cameras, better CPU and GPU and fully supports Google Play Service for multi-user / multi-player gaming.

I have yet to look at the API but I can speculate that this could have some far-reaching uses for everything from advertising to home automation.

I am such an Google guy it’s not funny. I do completely understand brand loyalty like those who favor Apple products and are fanatically obsessed. I may not take it that far but I do have an Android phone (Galaxy S4), Nexus 7 Tablet and a Samsung Chromebook. Every smartphone I have had has been Android (though I did have a brief stint with an iPod Touch 2nd Gen and hated it).

I have a lot more to say but am finding it hard to focus while at work. I will try to add to this later.