Politics and Ranting

In a effort to familiarize readers with my style and nature I thought it a good idea to just explain a little bit about my personal beliefs and political / world views. 

To start I guess I should state that I am an Atheist. Technically I am a Heliocentric Atheist, meaning that I do not believe nor support the notion of "Intelligent Design" and I trust that the Earth revolves around the Sun. I grew up Lutheran and went to a Baptist school for elementary grades; except for half of fourth and fifth grades. While in confirmation classes I started asking the tough questions but no one was able to provide any answers that satisfied so I began my search for truth then and there.I am not a super vocal Atheist (i.e. like some Christians are "Bible-bashers"; I am not that way.) I do not push my views on people, though they do come out in commentary on occasion. Everyone has the right to believe what they want and I will not stand in the way unless it somehow comes to affect my family. I have a firm understanding of science and The Scientific Method and apply this my my daily life.

Politically I am a liberal but cross over party lines for various issues. Suffice it to say that I believe that everyone should be able to choose what happens to them whether that means medically, emotionally or how they live their lives.

I am Irish and Swedish and am in a point in my life where I am embracing my Irish side and culture more that my Swedish side. I can have a temper (non-violent) and can get emotional about some topics but am also a seasoned writer and can separate, if needed, my views and opinion from fact.

I will post and provide commentary on a variety of topics from Astronomy / Astrophysics and Science / Technology to the latest news items and politics. I will try to keep my ranting to a minimum but sometimes people are awfully stupid and I can't help myself.

Looking forward to having a place to write again and share my writing with the readers of this site.