Life in General

It's funny how one minute everything is good then the next it all seems like it's crashing in on you. Such is life I guess,,,

In case there are some who don't know, my wife Heather and I are expecting our first baby boy on 8/13/2013. While I was hoping for a girl I am still ecstatic about having a baby. I shall call him "Mini me..." Or not. His name will be Finnegan Carter Daly. He will be very Irish (if I have my way ;-) )

My Mother-in-law's cancer has come back. We have super high hopes that this will be like the others and she will go back into remission after Chemotherapy. It is hard on my wife, being her mother, but she will do the same thing she did last time if needed; taking her to Chemo, driving her to doctor's appointments, etc... I am sure everything will be fine.

Finnegan has a little Cardiac Ultrasonic Echo on his heart that worry the doctors. It is most likely nothing but Heather is going to have a new study done today (while she is still under 20 weeks) to either enhance the ultrasound photos or some other method of determining if this spot is related to Down's Syndrome or not. Currently we have a 1 in 2200 chance that this baby will be born with Down's. We are trying not to worry but this is one thing on top of another and it is hard to keep it all together all the time.

Writing is definitely therapeutic for me and I appreciate anyone who reads this story or my blog. 


UPDATE: 3.22.13 - Geneticist says that there should be nothing to worry about as all other data suggest a perfect healthy baby.