Being a Dad of Two Boys 12 Years apart

I have a son, Atom, from a previous marriage. He is awesome and I love him more than he will probably ever know (until he has his own kids). He posts videos to YouTube about Minecraft, which he is totally into. He is learning Java Programming; he really is a chip of the old block. 

I just recently had a new baby, Finnegan, with my current wife. Reliving the baby stage can be hard but I am doing pretty good so far.  Of course, as a father, I have high hopes for both Atom and Finnegan in life.

There is a stark contrast between them, obviously, both in age and maturity. I am bending over backwards to make sure that Atom knows that he is still important and that I love him the same as always, probably even more. I know that with the arrival of Finnegan that my attention will me less on him and more on the baby. Atom and I have had many talks about this and I am constantly asking him, to make sure, if he is feeling outcast or ostracized; he always says no. 

One one hand I can watch goofy kids shows with Finnegan and play World of Warcraft with Atom and on the other hand I can teach Finnegan how to be a good man while correcting some past mistakes and I can watch Atom grow up to be the fine man he promises to be by his actions and efforts.

I am sure there will be some speed bumps along the way but I am along for the ride and am hopeful. 

What do you think?