Tech and Science News - 10.23.13

Good morning! 

I trust everyone is well this 23rd day of October. 

Tech and Science News for today:

1. New type of quantum excitation behaves like a solitary particle - 

"When you pluck a guitar string, both the string and the guitar body vibrate at many different frequencies simultaneously, creating the fundamental tone and its overtones. The combination of frequencies is what makes a guitar distinct from another instrument. That idea is analogous to quantum excitations in most materials: if you apply an external voltage (pluck the string), it produces fluctuations that behave like particles (the vibrating string) but also affect the bulk of the material (the guitar body). The particular excitations depend on the material's properties and the temperature; lower temperatures reduce the possibility of random fluctuations dominating the excitations."
2. The Ultimate iPad Comparison Chart, with the new iPads

"The retina iPad mini now bests all of its competitors in pixel density at 326 PPI, barely edging out Google's Nexus 7 and 
Kindle HDX 7"

         3. ACA Health Exchange Contractors Have History of Security Failures - 

"Two of the contractors involved in developing online health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, which have been plagued by technical problems since launching this month, have had serious data security issues in the past."