Well here we are... 

The Federal Government has shutdown and all "non-essential personnel" are being furloughed. My Father-in-law, Don, is an engineer at Edwards AFB; he is getting furloughed but the techs themselves are not. Now, from my understanding, the techs can't really do anything without the Engineers so I am failing to see the logic in their decision on what is vital and what is not.

What does this mean for the average American? Well, not much... for now.  If you are going on vacation to a National Park I would rethink that and try a State park instead.

 Image courtesy of Google - The Google Doodle for today, 10.1.2013 - Yosemite's 123rd Birthday today.

Image courtesy of Google - The Google Doodle for today, 10.1.2013 - Yosemite's 123rd Birthday today.

I find it ironic that they closed Yosemite on it's 123rd Birthday. That's right, today Yosemite is 123 years old. They closed all National Parks like Zion Nation Park, Joshua Tree National Monument, etc... 


People in the military that are oversees in Afghanistan and other active areas will still get paid and Obama has ensured them they will still have all of the support and item that they need to help protect American interests at home and abroad. 

The thing that gets me is this: Why are Republicans so against "Obamacare", AKA The Affordable Health Care Act, when they agree with the lions share of what it entails? I can tell you in one word; Politics.

They [the Republicans] claim to have met halfway or that they have made compromises but they really haven't; let's be honest. Why not send a budget to the Senate that adheres to what the President is asking for; The Affordable Heath Care Act is off the table for negotiation.

Obamacare was voted in as law, the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional and the Republicans and Tea Party have tried to kill it 41 times and still it is here. Why? Because it was voted into law and the Supreme Court has ruled it as constitutional.

My message to Republicans: Stop playing games with our future, stop holding the country hostage while you play Politics and get off your high horse and work together and get this country back online. 

We have got to be the laughing stock of the world right now since we can't even pass a budget and avoid a shutdown of the government. I mean for the love of Pete! THE GOVERNMENT HAS SHUTDOWN!  Or maybe no one noticed.

This goes back to my earlier point a few posts ago that I find it odd that no one stands behind the President anymore. everyone is so jaded by politics that they can't trust.

I remember when my Mom and Grandparents would never miss a State of the Union address and no matter who they voted for, stood behind and supported the President because he was the President and got voted in to office by the majority of Americans. 

Maybe I am way off base here but I think this is completely ridiculous and could have been avoided weeks if not months ago. 

What do you think?

Until next time...